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What are the approved MS hotfixes and service packs for Unity virus protection?


Core Issue

All approved service packs and Microsoft (MS) hotfixes are installed, as identified in Cisco Unity 4.0 System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software.

Cisco Unity is running fine. The build is in a Windows Active Directory 2003 (AD WIN 2003) environment and off the box Exchange 2003 standard.

From a virus prevention perspective, if there is a concern about not having Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (WIN-SP4) and additional MS hotfixes installed on the Cisco Unity server, note that additional supported MS patches can be applied to the Unity server. WIN-SP4 is included among the supported patches.


To resolve this issue, patch your systems immediately, due to the discovered vulnerability. Patches are available. Keep your Windows-based machines up to date.

For Cisco's policy regarding third-party service packs and updates, refer to Compatibility Matrix: Required and Recommended Third-Party Service Packs and Updates.

Cisco supports all the hotfixes as soon as they are released, as well as the service packs after they are qualified. The WIN-SP4 is now qualified.

Unity Version

Unity 2.x, Unity 3.x, Unity 4.x