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What hardware and software configuration is required for setting live radio for Music on Hold on the Cisco CallManager server


Core Issue

Music on Hold (MoH) audio sources are shared among all MoH servers in the Cisco CallManager cluster. You can configure up to 51 unique audio sources per cluster (50 audio file sources and one fixed/live source via a sound card).

Cisco CallManager can be configured with live audio source MoH using external or internal sound cards. Any of these devices can be plugged into the sound card:

  • CD-ROM        
  • Radio        
  • External input

The stream from the fixed audio source is transcoded in real time to support the codec that was configured through Cisco CallManager Administration. The fixed audio source can be transcoded into G.711 (A-law or mu-law), G.729 Annex A, and Wideband. It is the only audio source that is transcoded in real time.

For more information, refer to MOH Audio File Management Configuration.


To configure the Cisco CallManager with live audio source MoH, perform these steps:

  • Make sure the sound card is properly installed in the Cisco CallManager.
  • On the Cisco CallManager Admin page, choose  Service > Media Resource > Music On Hold Audio Source.
  • From the MoH Audio Sources list, choose Fixed Audio Source, which is option 51.
  • Under Options, select Fixed Audio Source Name to provide any unique name.
  • Under Fixed Audio Source Device, provide the exact name of the audio device (the sound card).

The name must match exactly the device name of the device that is already    installed.

Perform these steps:

  1. To find the fixed audio source device, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia. Click the Audio tab, and use the value that is found in the Sound Recording Preferred Device setting. Your entry must match this value exactly (spaces as well as upper and lower case letters).
  2. Ensure that the MoH server has exactly this name in the Fixed Audio Source Device field. Ensure that the MoH server, which has this field configured, is physically located on the same PC as the fixed audio source device.
  3. If you are attaching the input device to the Line In connector on your sound card, click the Volume button below the Sound Recording Preferred Device setting and select Line In.

For more information, refer to CallManager Music On Hold Frequently Asked Questions.

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