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What is the purpose of the Name Resolution Server (NRS) in Call Session Control Platform (CSCP) 3.0?


Purpose of the NRS

NRS network elements are usually clustered into their own CSCP network wide POP and have no concept of buddy POP. These network elements should have their own pair of DSS (DSS = combination of DE and TimesTen Data Authority Server [TTDAS]) servers so they can support database dips for on net to off net and off net to on net data traffic when using the NRS MAP table. This does come at the expense of costly licenses for third party software being used in the DSS complex. For this reason, in a small two POP configuration with call rates within the capability of a single TTDAS pair serving both the subscriber POPs and the NRS cluster dips, it is technically possible to have the NRS share the DSS servers of the existing POPs. This can be done in a case where the security of the NRS MAP database is not compromised when residing on the same server as one of the subscriber POPs.

The NRS configuration can also be considered to be flexible as you grow the number of POPs beyond two. For a two POP scenario, you can design the NRS to be part of the POPs, sharing the DSS with the subscriber data provisioned.

When it is required to move beyond the two POPs to four or even greater, then you can migrate the NRS elements into their own cluster, which can use its own DSS servers at that time.

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