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What's new in Webex Meetings ? July, Aug, Sept 2020 - 40.7-9 releases


Dear all,


Webex Meetings is continuously evolving in rapid speed.

Please have a look in article below for some very nice features added in July, Aug, Sept2020:


Important highlights in my view that are worth checking are listed below:

  • Blur & Virtual backgrounds
  • Breakout sessions 
  • See the Participants' View of What You’re Sharing
  • In-meeting Co-host role 
  • Lobby for scheduled meetings
  • Enhanced admin control for authenticated meetings
  • PSTN callers can now wait in lobby 
  • Grid layout for cloud recordings
  • Prevent participants from sharing content without host permission
  • Music mode
  • Sort participants by ''raised hand''
  • and many others you will probably experience real-time (video and UI enhancements) 



What is the 40.x format?

Number .x next to release means the month that this version is released.  So .8 means Aug, .9 means Sept, etc.

But note that even if release is out, the actual date that each webex site will get new features has to do with rollout plans of Webex Datacenters. 

Webex Meetings service is offered by various clusters (Bi cluster, W cluster, etc.) and rollout plans depends on cluster.

So for example, cluster Bi will get 40.9 release at x date and cluster W could get 40.9 release on another date.


How can i find my cluster?

Admins could see this in their Webex Control Hub  - Check the ''Site Info'' of the Webex Meetings settings.


How can I find out the rollout plans for my cluster?

Webex announces here all service upgrades and scheduled maintenance 

For example, you can see that cluster I and BI have schedule to enable breakout sessions and cohost role on 15th of Sept. 




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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta).  For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.



Hello, do we have any roadmap for when co-host will be added to Webex Events? It's probably an even more critical feature there!



Cisco Employee


unfortunately I do not have this information.  

If this is critical for specific project, your Cisco Collab team could check further and provide some feedback. 


Ideally in large events you would have presenters that focus on presentation/content/etc and then host could focus on administrating/''directing'' the event. Some panelist could help in some tasks (polling coordinator, Q&As, etc). 

But I guess you need this for cases that host has also the presenter role plus doing other ''admin'' tasks 

and I guess that passing host role to other panelist does not help your cases.  





Correct and for other reasons as well. Our events are very involved and can be helpful for two to be coordinating/cooperating with making others presenter and other host duties (Invite and Remind, etc). And most importantly would be the ability for the meeting to continue to run with a host still in control if the original host has a technical issue and drops. With a co-host I would assume we would not have to make use of the existing host key process as well.



co-host and breakout sessions are available in 40.9 according to the roadmap.





Hello Hoke,


Does the roadmap show those feature available specifically for Webex Events or only for Webex Meetings? The info I have seen says they are available for Meetings only at 40.9


Thanks very much!

Rising star

Please people...  you can check the schedule for your cluster in the link above.


Your cluster will be upgraded at a particular date, and it looks like the Features are "enabled" about ONE week LATER.

For example... I am cluster AW.

We got our upgrade on September 8.

We got features enabled on September 15.


Check this section of OP's post.

How can I find out the rollout plans for my cluster?

Cisco Employee

hi all,


as far as I know the co-host and breakout sessions feature are added in WEBEX MEETINGS and not in EVENTS.

this is in accordance with the link I shared - breakout and cohost are mentioned as Webex MeetingS enhancements


Again if these features are critical for specific project, your Cisco Collab team could check further and provide some feedback.