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When a user tries to schedule a continuous meeting in MeetingPlace, the user receives an error that indicates there are no ports available. In addition, future continuous meetings cannot be configured, and they go in session immediately


Core Issue

This is a common issue when scheduling continuous meetings.

There may be ports available, but a continuous meeting has no end date or time. This means that ports required must be available throughout the entire foreseeable future in order for there to be enough ports to schedule the meeting. If there is any point in the future where there are not enough ports available, the scheduling fails because not enough ports are available.

The ports required for a continuous meeting must be available on the system for the entire duration of the Max adv days to schedule parameter.

The Max adv days to schedule parameter specifies the number of days in advance you can schedule a meeting. This number effectively represents the number of days from the current day,on your Meetingplace schedule calendar.


To address this issue, schedule a continuous meeting with zero ports and adjust floater ports to accomodate continuous meetings accordingly.

Floater ports do not take up schedulable ports, but pull from floater ports as callers join the meeting. Floater ports are reserved from total conference ports and used to grow meetings that have reached their scheduled capacity.

To set floater ports, perform this procedure:

  1. Log into MeetingTime 

  2. From the top menu, select Administration then Configure 

  3. In the Views window, click on Server Configuration, then click on the Query button to get the data from the server. 

  4. Scroll down in the Attributes window to find the Floater Ports parameter.

Note: Once scheduled, a continuous meeting begins in session immediately and is scheduled with no end date. This is how a continuous meeting was designed to function, making the meeting available when needed. The user of floater ports then eliminates the port availability issue.

For further information on how to administer Cisco MeetingPlace, refer to Using Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook.

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