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When CDR reporting runs for a date range with ART/CAR, the report generation fails, and the "30023: Data is not available for the date range selected" error message appears, or the CAR tool is not able to generate reports for a certain date range


Core Issue

When the Administrative Reporting Tool (ART)/CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) tools are used in order to generate a report, the 30023: Data is not available for the date range selected error message appears. Data is available only from xx-yyy-zzzz to xx-yyy-zzzz, and no reports are generated.

This error can occur if ART does not get the CDR data to report.


In order to determine if there are any records in the Structured Query Language (SQL) database, complete these steps:

  1. Choose Start > Programs > SQL > Enterprise Manager > Microsoft SQL  Servers > SQL Server Group.

  2. Choose Publisher Server > Databases.

  3. Choose CDR > Tables. Right-click the CallDetailRecord table.

  4. Choose Open Table > Return All Rows. Determine if there are any records.

If many records appear, complete this procedure to remove records from ART:

  1. Choose Programs > SQL Server > Query Analyzer. Log in and choose ART database.
  2. Run these queries:

    delete from Tbl_Load_History
    delete from Tbl_Dump_PkID
    delete from Tbl_Error_Id_Map
    delete from Tbl_Billing_Data
    delete from Tbl_Billing_Error
    delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecord
    delete from Tbl_Dump_CallDetailRecordDiagnostic

    This forces ART to get all the old CDRs into ART in the next scheduled loading time. By default, CDR data is loaded every day from midnight to 5 a.m.
  3. Restart the CDR Insert and DBL Monitor Services from CCM Administration > Application >Cisco CCM Serviceability >Tools > Control Center.

Refer to the How can I manually purge the ART database? section of CallManager Issue Resolution with CDR and ART FAQ for more information.

Note: Information deletes from the ART database but not from the CDR.

Note: If you do not see any records, there are no CDR entries for that time and date range. Determine if conditions are met for CDR generation. CDR records are generated in these circumstances:

  • The service parameters CdrEnabled and CallDiagnosticsEnabled are set to True.

  • The call is established and has a talk duration greater than 0.

  • The call fails and has a cause code that reflects the error.

In order to set the service parameters, choose Service > Service Parameters, and make sure that the service parameters CdrEnabled and CallDiagnosticsEnabled are set to True in all of the Cisco CallManager servers, both publisher and subscriber.

Refer to these documents for more information:

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