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When Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook is installed or upgraded, the MeetingPlace for Outlook service does not start



To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. The Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook gateway machine must have either Microsoft Outlook 98 or Outlook 2000 installed and configured to log in to the gateway machine's Microsoft Exchange mailbox.
  2. If the Microsoft Windows NT machine is running Microsoft        Outlook 2000, ensure the Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) component has        been installed.
  3. In the system tray, right-click on the Orange Door icon       and choose Event Log. This invokes the Gateway System Integrity Module (GWSIM) real-time log file.
  4. Watch the Gateway monitor as you start the Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook service.
  5. You should immediately see the Logged        on to MeetingPlace and Logged on to Exchange messages.
  6. If the service logs in to Microsoft Exchange but fails when it attempts        to log in to Cisco MeetingPlace, go to Start > Settings >        Control Panel, then click the MeetingPlace Gateways        icon. Select the Gateway SIM tab and verify the Cisco MeetingPlace        Server information.
  7. If the service logs into Cisco MeetingPlace but fails when attempting to        log into Microsoft Exchange, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, then click the MeetingPlace Gateways icon. Select the Outlook Gateway tab to verify the configuration of both the Exchange ccount and the NT user account.
  8. Verify that the NT user account has log on as a service rights on the gateway machine.
  9. On the Microsoft Exchange server, view the General tab of the mailbox assigned to the gateway. The Display Name, Alias, and Primary NT Account settings must be the same one-word name with  no spaces. Then open Gateway Settings on the Cisco MeetingPlace for Outlook gateway machine, and make sure the Mailbox field and the User ID field match this information.
  10. On the Microsoft Exchange server, verify that the mailbox assigned to the gateway is not hidden.

Problem Type

Voice applications  (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

Common Software and Product Issues

Problems after an upgrade

Problems after installing software or rebuilding/reinstalling server

Failure Type

Cannot start, stop, schedule, reset, power up, power down, run, initialize, open, close, activate, deactivate or load

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