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When DMA is used in order to migrate data from Cisco CallManager 4.x to Cisco CallManager 5.x, the DMA tool creates the archive but hangs when it goes into verification mode and does not complete the archive verification process


Core Issue

When Data Migration Assistant (DMA) is used on Cisco CallManager 4.x in order to migrate data to Cisco CallManager 5.x, the tool hangs when the estimated time to complete data integrity verification is about xx minutes. error message displays. It does not go anywhere, even after more than xx minutes.

When DMA gets stuck at the Validating state in the services list, the Informix IDS - ccm service is stuck in the Stopping state. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage on the publisher spikes to the point that Services and DMA are the highest CPU users.

The last entries in the C:\CiscoWebs\DMA\bin\exportdb.log file are:

GetExitCode returned TRUE (success)
return value = 0
Trying to stop database
IDS stopped
Trying to start database

This also indicates that DMA gets stuck when it tries to start the IDS database.


This issue is fixed in later versions of Cisco CallManager 5.x. This issue is documented in Cisco bug IDCSCsd83949 and in these First Fixed-in Versions:

  • 5.1(0.23)

  • 5.1(0.26)

  • 5.1(0.30)

  • 5.1(0.9901.019)

  • 5.1(0.9901.025)

  • 5.0(4.2103.001)

  • 5.0(4.2107.001)

  • 5.1(1.1000.007)

  • 5.1(1.2000.002)

There is no workaround in order to stop the Informix IDS - CCM service, but if DMA gets stuck during the attempt to start DMA, it can be manually started in order to let DMA proceed.

Refer to Release Notes for Data Migration Assistant, Release 5.0(2a) for more information on DMA and the various open warnings.

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