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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files

When incoming calls are forwarded from phone A to phone B using the Call Forward All feature in Cisco CallManager, and if phone B does not answer, the calls are not forwarded to the voice mail of phone B


Core Issue

This is Working as Designed (WAD).

If the user calls A and A does not answer, and the call is forwarded to B and B also does not answer, the call is forwarded to the original called party voice mail (In this case, phone A).

The call is not forwarded to the voice mail of B. However, there is a way to forward the calls to the voice mail of the extension to which the call is forwarded.


To forward the calls to the voice mail of phone B, perform these steps:

  1. Go to the Cisco CallManager web admin page, and configure the phone.

  2. Assign a voice mail profile to the Directory Number (DN) (which is a non subscriber in Cisco Unity). Check the call forward all/call forward busy/no answer to voice mail.

  3. Go to Cisco Unity web admin page, and create a new call handler. Assign an owner to this call handler (the subscriber for whom the voice mail is left).

  4. Put the extention of the non subscriber in the Extention Optional parameter.

  5. Go to the call transfer menu and select the Ring the Subscriber at this Extention option. Use the extention of the subscriber.

  6. Go to the messages menu, and select the message recipent. Choose the subscriber for whom the voice mail is left.

  7. Save these settings.

Unanswered calls should now be forwarded to the voice mail of the extension B.

Core Issue

When the call manager sends the call unity or unity connection ( when  integration is SCCP ), Let us see  which voice mail  will be reached, for the scenario's below,

1. Only default routing rules is available.

2. Two cluster share the same unity, further these two cluster have inter-cluster trunk configured.

3. Extension 1000 is in cluster A and extension 2000 is in cluster B.


  Q) A  call comes to 1000, 1000 answers the call and transfer the call to  2000, and 2000 didnt answer the call, whose voice mail will be reached.

  Ans: Voice mail for number 2000

Scenario 2:

Q) Extension  1000 has enabled call forward all to extension 2000, a call comes in  for 1000, and it gets forwarded to 2000, and 2000 didnt answer the call, whose voice mail will be reached.

Ans: For this scenario it would depend on what VM system that is used. If its  Unity it would go to extension 1000 voice mail, but if it's CUC it  would go to extension 2000s. This  is because of a difference in a standard setting for how to handle  forwarded calls in to the VM system. Unity will look at the first  forwarded number, whereas CUC will look at the last.  For More details refer the following url:

Scenario 3:

Q) 3000  is a CTI route point in Cluster C

     4000 is a CTI route point in Cluster  D

     #3000 is forward all to #4000

     These two clusters are connected by  inter cluster trunk, and has got two voice mail solutions, Cisco Unity  and Microsoft Exchange UM 2010.

     The clusters are integrated to both  Cisco Unity and Exchange UM, there is CUBE between these clusters and  Exchange UM

     the signalling between Exchange UM ----> CUBE is SIP,  and the signalling between CCM ----> CUBE is H323.

     Voice mail profile of CTI route point #3000 refer to cisco Unity, in cluster C.

     Voice  mail profile of CTI route point #4000 and extension  #5000 refer to  Exchange UM, and CTI ports refer to Unity, in cluster D.

extension is a voice mail extension for a script in UCCX, integrated with cluster D.

When  client calls a toll free, it hits CTI RP #3000 in Cluster C, which is  forward all to CTI RP #4000 in cluster D, CTI RP #4000 has a script,

which transfers the call to extension #5000 ( when option 1 is selected )  in cluster D.

To which voice mail box the call will be transferred when clients call the toll free and selects option#1.

Ans) Voice mail box of 5000

For related information, refer to the following:


Hi, Can anyone please give more details steps and if anyone executed please share result.

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