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When PBX forwards calls to Cisco Unity 4.1, the Dialogic voicemail port does not answer the call intermittently. This forces the PBX to search for the next member of the UCD or hunt group until one answers


Core Issue

On the PBX side (NEC), the administrator configures an UCD or hunt group. When a a call is forward-no-answer (CFNA) to voicemail to this UCD group and one of the group members is also the voicemail port extension, Cisco Unity is supposed to answer the call.

However, these symptoms are observed:

  • When a call is forwarded, the voicemail port does not always not answer the call. This action forces the PBX to take the call back and search for the next member of the UCD group. The PBX retries until one of the voicemail ports finally answers. This symptom is seen for several of the voicemail ports.

  • When a call is forwarded to the extension of a suspect voicemail port directly, the port answers but does not recognize the original called number. This means that the call is answered. However, the call is answered with the Cisco Unity opening greeting, and not the subscriber greeting.

  • UTIM and MIU initialization traces show no indications of where the fault lies. The deletion of the PBX integration only, or both the Cisco CallManager and the PBX integrations, followed by a reboot each time is unsuccessful. Still, the same error presents, with no ports shown in the SAWeb. Cisco Unity does not answer any calls from both Cisco CallManager IP phones, or from the PBX.

Note: An upgrade to TSP version 8.0(2) to v8.1(3) has no affect, and symptoms remain the same.

This problem is documented by the bug-Id: CSCsg16111


The IO card on the NEC (PBX) side is seated on an NEC PIM stack that had a backplane problem. After the IO card is moved to another NEC PIM stack, everything works fine.

Review the registry and note the field values for \\HKLM\Software\ Active Voice\MIU\1.0\Initialization\.

If a PBX Dialogic integration is configured, one of the registry keys (Service Provider) has the Dialogic driver settings.

Service Provider 1 has this value: Service Provider Name (REG_SZ) = D41MT.TSP

In case there is no entry for the Service Provider keys for the Dialogic driver, d41mt.tsp, manually edit this value and save it in the registry. Then, reboot the Cisco Unity box in order for the changes to take affect.

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