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When the Cisco Attendant Console launches, the incorrect status of the users and IP Phones shows and instead of an arrow, a '?' appears


Core Issue

This issue is normally related to a firewall. If you reinstall the Attendent console, this does not help resolve the issue and it still shows the ?.


Verify if in your topology you have a PIX or some firewall between the Cisco CallManager and the AC. This also includes Microsoft  Windows XP sp2 built-in firewall since the ports which AC uses for communication with Cisco CallManager can get blocked.

Also reset these services:

  • CTI
  • Telephony Call Dispatcher Service(TCD)

Those are the ones that control the Attendant Console. But as CTI service also controls hunt groups, it is possible that you want to do it after hours so as to the production network is not affected.

In case you have firewall enabled on the host PC, which has AC installed, then add Attendant Console as an exception in the Windows Firewall and it ideally starts to function properly.

Refer to Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Issues for more information.