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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files

When the user attempts to delete a Cisco Unity Subscriber in Unity Administrator SAWeb after an upgrade to the Exchange server from 5.5 to 2003 and Unity Server to 4.0(4),getting error message.


Core Issue

One or more substitute objects for this subscriber are invalid. This could result in database corruption if you delete this subscriber error message appears when delete a Cisco Unity Subscriber in Unity Administrator SAWeb.

If you attempt to delete a subscriber without setting the substitute objects values, you are warned that one or more substitute objects for this subscriber is invalid, and you are asked whether you want to continue with the deletion.

Likewise, if you attempt to delete a subscriber that is currently configured    as the substitute owner or substitute recipient, you are warned that the    subscriber is currently used as a substitute value, and that you should    select another substitute before continuing with the deletion. In both cases,    you are allowed to ignore the warnings and continue with the deletion of the  subscriber account, even when the subscriber account is the owner or recipient    of entities in Cisco Unity. If you continue with the deletion, the result can be corruption of the Cisco Unity database.


This problem is addressed in Cisco bug ID: CSCef56376.

In SAWeb, configure the substitute objects. If you are unsure which accounts to use, select Example Administrator or Opening Greeting. Select System > Configuration > Settings > Substitute Objects.

For more information, refer to the How to Delete a Subscriber Account section of Deleting Subscriber Accounts.

For a description of each object and where it applies, refer to the Configuration Settings section in the System Settings chapter of the Cisco Unity System Administration Guide, Release 4.0(4).

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