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When user presses the services button, the IP phone displays the "HTTP error" error message


Core Issue

Pressing the Services button or Directory button, HTTP error [11] is displayed on the phone. Then the phone has to rebooted (**# does not work). After that it works again for some time.

If the error message occurs after the user presses the services button, the issue is a phone load error. Multiple play request of same file from JTAPI Application leads to http error.

This issue is documented by Cisco Bug ID CSCsa67239 and this occurs with IP Phone load 7.1(2).


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Apply the IP phone load 7.2(2) or higher which can be downloaded from Software Download-Cisco IP Phone FW 7900 Series (NON SIP).    

  2. Reset the phone.

This bug is also fixed in the following CCM versions:

03.3(05)ES11 04.0(02a)ES39 04.0(02a)SR02a 04.1(02)ES33 04.1(03)ES06

A temporary workaround is to reboot the phone.

Note: **# does not work.

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