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When using a 2851 IOS H323 gateway with it's T1controller configured for FXO-Loopstart and SF/AMI, calls from the IP phone to MX/Alliance Turret System do not cause turret to ring and the 2851 fails to detect the incoming seizure from theTurret System


Core Issue

The topology is as follows:

IP phone--->CCM--->H323---->2851--->T1 Controller--->MX/Alliance Turret System.

The MX/Alliance T1 is configured for FXS-Loopstart and SF/AMI. When the T1 controller on the 2851(H323 gateway) is configured for FXO-Loopstart and SF/AMI, calls from the IP Phone to the Turret work fine but the 2851 fails to detect the incoming siezure from the MX/Alliance system.

This results in the continuous ringing of the IP phone although the other party(MX/Alliance Turret System) has picked up the phone. This happens when making an outbound  call  from the IP phone to the Turret.

This happens due to the non-standard signallnig used by the MX/Alliance system.


To overcome this problem, insert a RAD Vmux 2100 Circuit Emulation/Transport Device between the Cisco IOS gateway T1 Controller and the MX/Alliance Turret system.

Since the Vmux 2100 Circuit Emulation/Transport device converts TDM to IP and back to TDM, the Cisco IOS gateway can be configured for E&M Immediate-Start, ESF/B8Zs while the MX/Alliance Turret system remains configured as  T1 FXS-Loopstart and SF/AMI.

For related information, refer to: Private Line Automatic Ringdown for Trading Turrets

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