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Where to get a SX10 repair


 This is a long shot, but I need to find a Telpresence SX10 repair shop.  The part that articulates the camera is broken.  See attached photos

VIP Advisor

You have posted this in the "Documents" section of the forums, rather than as a discussion.  I'd suggest that you remove this post and create a new one in the "Discussion" section where it will get more views.

But, saying that, it's unlikely that you will be able to find someone that can repair it, unless they happen to have another one with a different fault that they can use for parts, as the individual parts are not available for sale.

You may be better off purchasing a new device, and I'd recommend if you're doing so that you look at the Cisco RoomKit which, while slightly more expensive, is a significantly more capable device.

thank you, I will follow your advice tomorrow.
VIP Advocate

Where are you trying to find a repair shop?  I know there is one here in Reykjavik. not sure if that helps

Hi mreniff There is a 3rd-party repair facility based in London, UK but i believe they have a couple of offices around the country, not sure if this is convenient for you as I don't know your location. I would say, given the age of the unit, you may find a repair uneconomical.
Thank you
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