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While the MCS server installed with Cisco CallManager 4.x is rebooted, the server hangs on the black screen while the cursor blinks on the top


Core Issue

When the IBM 7825 server that runs Cisco CallManager 4.x is rebooted, it hangs on shutdown. Microsoft Windows completes its shutdown, but when that is done, the server black screens and hangs. The only way to get it to reboot is to pull the power plug. Even a hold down of the power button does not work.

The event logs report no issues.


One of the main reasons this behavior occurs is controlling the services from the Windows Service Control Manager instead of from the Control Center Service Activation windows.

Only activate/deactivate services from the Service Activation windows. If you activate/deactivate services from the Windows Service Control Manager instead of from Service Activation, entries are not added/removed from the database table. Therefore, the services are not properly configured and are out of sync with the Cisco CallManager database. Refer to Service Activation for more information.

Cisco recommends not to use Window Service Control Manager (SCM) to start and stop services for the Cisco CallManager because the services can potentially not perform as expected, which results in unusual behavior, such as this. Use the Control Center to start and stop services. Refer to Control Center for more information.

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