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Whisper coaching


Good morning


in this Cisco document

Feature Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 11.5


it says

Whisper Coaching

Unified Communications Manager also supports whisper coaching, a CTI enhancement on silent monitoring whereby a supervisor can speak to the agent while the monitoring session is underway without the customer hearing. Whisper coaching can only be initiated by a CTI application. If silent monitoring is already configured, then no additional configuration of Unified Communications Manager is required for whisper coaching.

can anyone confirm that this does or does not work. I have saw a post of someone who said they got it working and was able to speak to the agent but I do not see how this actually works or is configured.


in this new age we are trying to figure out a way to train our new reps. before they would sit in someone's cube with a training headset so the trainer could listen and guide during calls. now we need a way to do that without sitting together in the same cube and this feature would be a big help.

Thank you.

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