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With CAR, the user receives a gateway has 0 ports error message when the user attempts to retrieve a gateway utilization report for an H.323 gateway


Core Issue

Configuration of the gateway within CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR) is needed to specify the area codes for each gateway in the system. The maximum number of ports also must be configured to provide utilization reports and does not affect call classification.

The maximum number of calls possible using the gateway at any time is equal to the maximum number of ports for the gateway as configured in the CAR gateway configuration page.

Note: CAR uses the values provided for the gateway when it was added in Cisco CallManager Administration. Therefore, some gateways already have an area code setting or have a zero (0) for the maximum number of ports, depending on the details specified when the gateway was added in Cisco CallManager Administration. CAR does not accept zero as a value for the maximum number of ports.

For more information on CAR configuration, refer to CAR Device Reports Configuration.


To resolve this problem, adjust the Maximum Number of Ports value to a non-zero number on the gateway configuration page in CAR for this H.323 gateway. The correct gateway utilization report should run with no error.

To adjust this value, perform these steps:

  • Log into CAR, then click on  System > System Parameters > Gateway Configuration.
  • Select the H.323 gateway, enter the local area code, and enter a non-zero number in the Maximum Number of Ports field.
  • Make sure these changes are saved by clicking Update.
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