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With Cisco CallManager 4.(1)sr1 or sr2 with Extension Mobility and IPMA, calls to the Extension Mobility Directory Number (DN) fail


Core Issue

This occurs when the user is logged into an Extension Mobility phone with Cisco IP Manager Assistant (IPMA). The Extension Mobility DN number is 2000, for example. The user logs out of Extension Mobility and back in. Calls to 2000 fail, and the calling side hears continuous ringing.

This can also occur if the user logs into Extension Mobility and select the IPMA service. If you just log out of Extension Mobility so no active phone is using a DN 2000, calls should go to voice mail as the profile DN is set up. But the calls never go to voice mail and the calling side phone rings continuously.


To resolve this issue, restart Tomcat service and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) services.

For information on restarting Tomcat service and CTI Services, refer to these documents:

The alternate solution of logging back and selecting IPMA service also resolves the issue.

The issue is tracked by Cisco bug ID CSCee57528 and resolved in the Cisco CallManager 4.1. Cisco CallManager 4.1 files can be downloaded from Software Download-Cisco CallManager Version 4.1.

For additional information, refer to Cisco IP Manager Assistant - IPMA.

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