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With Cisco Unity Express on a Cisco IOS Gateway, the CUE users cannot access the voice mail, and the callers get dead air when calling to voice mail. This is followed by AIM-CUE module crash and the AIM-CUE logs are out of disk space.


Core Issue

This issue occurs because Advanced Integration Module (AIM)-Cisco Unity Express (CUE) has run out of space. The problem centers around the clean up procedures that run on the module. This process is not running properly, so the module is not cleaning up the database and logs file as expected.

This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCeh55158.

This defect applies to CUE versions  2.0.1 and 2.1.1.  


To resolve this issue, clean the disk first. To perform a disk cleanup, refer to these steps:

1) Download cue-installer.2.1.2 from Software Download-Cisco Unity Express 2.1.2.  This comes as part of CUE 2.1.2.  Place it on a TFTP server that is reachable by CUE.

2) Reboot CUE. As the system reboots, press *** to enter the boot loader program, as shown:

Initializing memory. Please wait. ... 256 MB SDRAM detected
BIOS Version: Cisco SE-AIM 01.03
BIOS Build date: 08/22/03
System Now Booting ...

Invalid option. Using primary bootloader...[BOOT-ASM]

Please enter '***' to change boot configuration:

3) Where necessary, enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway for CUE, the IP address of the TFTP server, and the helper image name. The remaining fields should remain, as shown,:

ServicesEngine boot-loader> config

IP Address [] >

Subnet mask [] >

TFTP server [] >

Gateway [] >

Default Helper-file [cue-installer.] > cue-installer.2.1.2

Default Boot [disk] >

Default BIOS [primary|secondary] [primary] >

Default bootloader [primary|secondary] [primary] >

Updating flash with bootloader configuration done.

4) Issue the boot helper command to boot from the installer image, as shown:

ServicesEngine boot-loader> boot helper

5) Once the installer has loaded, type 3, and press enter to begin disk cleanup, as shown:

Welcome to Cisco Systems Service Engine Helper Software
Please select from the following
1 Install software
2 Reload module
3 Disk cleanup
(Type '?' at any time for help)
Choice: 3

6) Press y, followed by the Enter key to begin the process. Do not restart CUE while this process is taking place:

WARNING:: This command will temporarily free up disk space by:

WARNING:: 1) Deleting log files and unnecessary system files.
WARNING:: 2) Compacting the Voicemail database.

Do you wish to run this command now (y,n)? y

Note: Disk cleanup can take up to 30 minutes. Do not reboot or restart the CUE while this occurs, or everything may be lost.

7) Type 2 and press Enter to reboot, as shown:

Welcome to Cisco Systems Service Engine Helper Software
Please select from the following
1 Install software
2 Reload module
3 Disk cleanup
(Type '?' at any time for help)
Choice: 2

The system should now boot normally. Once CUE is up, check the output of the show sysdb command. The 'usedPercent' value should fall to the 40-50 range.

Even though the system is fully operational now, the same issue could occur later. For a permanent solution, upgrade the CUE version to 2.1.2 which can be downloaded from Software Download-Cisco Unity Express 2.1.2.

For information on the upgrade process, refer to these documents:

Note 1: The preventive action is to periodically reboot the AIM-CUE module by issuing the  service-module service-engine 0/0 reset command . It is not necessary to reload the entire router. The module runs the expected clean up procedures after the reboot.

Note 2: If these solutions and workarounds do not solve the issue, refer to Field Notice: AIM-CUE With 512MB CF Storage Capacity May Crash.

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