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With Cisco Unity version 4.x Bulk Import Wizard, how to use names and characters in the Alias field for a FirstName.LastName naming convention?


Core Issue

When attempting to enter a "." character into the Cisco Unity Bulk Import (CUBI) utility, the program does not accept that character. It is necessary to enter that character to follow the Firstname.LastName naming convention that is already in place. When manually importing subscribers into Cisco Unity, the "." character is accepted. 


The characters for the new import tool are defined in an ImportSpec.xml XML file found in the \commserver\utilities\ciscoUnityBulkImport\ directory. This is the same directory where CUBI is installed.

Open the ImportSpec.xml file with a text editor, and find the section that starts with . In that section of the file, look for the definition of an alias which looks like this:

The "[[:alnum:]]*" notation means alpha numeric only. To add underscore, or any other character, add it here so it looks like this: 

For more information about the CUBI utility, refer to these documents:

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