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Incorrect results on Security Discusssions

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Level 1

When logging into the cisco security discussions area in the link below it shows some recent activity.   From here you can see the last reply and if any has answered the question.  When clicking on the link for the discussion I am find out the times it states on the board and replies is incorrect.  Is this normal for everyone or is there something I can do so it will show accurate information.

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Richard Bennion
Level 1
Level 1

There are two things at play here:

1. We had an issue last week with reply counts not being accurate. This was corrected with the release last week.

2. The community 'home' page you referenced above, can take ~1 hour to update if you are not logged in because of caching on the content delivery network. 

Let me know if you see better results this week.



Page publishing "hot topic" is lagged for one hour ? May be the tab should be called 'tepid topic' instead.

Well, no jokes.

Please consider to make notice related to such lag on the page.  Moreover it should mention the registered users are not affected by it.


I am logged in.  When going through the open discussions I cam across one that stated 0 views, 0 votes, 0 rating, and 0 Replies.  Also Last reply stated 3 hours and 21 minutes ago ( I thought this is when the post was created).  When clicking on the post I noticed it was created 3 days ago along with 2 reply from 2 days and a day ago.  When going back to the front page again everything is still stating zeros.     Here is the link to the post.

It should be noted the thread in question has been created in Other Security Subjects not Security.

If I remember correctly, the lag of "Last reply" (as well as other attributes) in  parent community of target community is rather old issue and it affects even logged-in users.

Also note it seems to be caching issue - I see correct "Last Reply" stamp in Security community listing (I never visited such list before).

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