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Mobile browsing - replying to posts on CSC

Hi Team,

I use an iphone 6 and when trying to reply to posts, or hit the navigation menu on the right hand side pane, sometimes (most likely the first time) it doesn't load or let me reply unless i do a refresh of the page, then press reply then the box comes where I can type.

Also sometimes when i type i cannot see what i am typing, which is quite frustrating, because I sometimes have to keep reloading the page till i can see what i type. I used to use the CSC mobile app (FAT client) a lot, but lately the mobile web has put me off, and I dont bother with it unless I use a laptop/PC

Thank you


Please rate useful posts & remember to mark any solved questions as answered. Thank you.

Also another thing that frustrates me is when I am navigating through communities, I cant see if a post has been answered, with the green tick symbol, when i press on the post to go in to the discussion, i only then realise that this has already been answered.

Please rate useful posts & remember to mark any solved questions as answered. Thank you.

I completely agree on this. I'll follow up with the development team to have the discussion icon displayed on mobile devices for any listing areas.


Hey [@bilal.nawaz], I'll check with the development team to look at fixing the issue with the navigation button not working on first load. My hunch is theres a load-order refinement needed to make the menu button's javascript load first, and fix this issue. We'll try and address this as soon as we can.

The WYSIWYG editor has been updated, and we are adding a show/hide toolbar option that will condense the options in the editor for more typing real-estate. 

We are working on more mobile experience fixes, that will make answering and asking questions a lot easier. We will update with more information as soon as we can :)

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