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New 'ask question", or Search returns useless results

Christian Isla

This website use to be invaluable, now

1.  I find that it does not return any useful information. it does not seem to catch the title of problems only the 'content' which is useless in the wrong context. ie. search=direct transfer to voicemail cme ... result = 1. transfer from voicemail to extension, 2.issues in incoming calls in cme.

2.  Half the time searching takes for ever and returns an "AJAX HTTP" error.  

3. I can no longer find my previous activity/discussion. (says not found) in the center. (although it says 'stats-discussions started= 9' on the right side of my profile ).

4. I try to update my "interests' only to be presented with an error."The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."


What has happened..??? I'm very frustrated that I can no longer find useful information  and not even my own discussions.


Dan Lukes

I'm not in charge to respond you in full, you should wait for more qualified reply.

In the meantime, you may be interested to read

A hlavně to brát s klidem ... :-)


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