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So restrictive posting rules.

Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I consider Guidelines for Posting Sensitive and Confidential Information so restrictive.


Customer information ... which may impact a customer

cover almost any information related to customer's system. Including those with risk of negative impact and/or consequences of disclose so low.

Imagine I have one Cisco 2960 switch in my home network. According the new policy I'm not allowed to disclose firmware version (it may impact security of my network). In the fact I'm not allowed to disclose even the model of the switch. Nor I'm allowed to confess I have a Cisco switch at all. Even such information may impact my (e.g. customer) network security. In advance. I'm not only administrator of my home network but also network administrator of my employee network. Almost anything I will disclose about their network may impact them - including the fact he have a network.

Well, I'm overdoing, but not so much. I wish the Guideline's wording doesn't follow the purpose.

I assume it's not necessary to explain that issue analysis require disclose of some details related to affected device/network/system. It's sovereignty of system's owner to evaluate risks and gains of particular disclose. Current policy doesn't honor their sovereignty forcing them either not to use CSC to solve their issues or violate the policy.


I expect this policy will be often ignored, but such approach may harm overall community spirit (rules should be followed!). I consider it counterproductive and over-restrictive.


Under no circumstances shall users' of the Cisco Support Community post the following material:

should be replaced by something more conforming to the CSC's purpose - I mean something like

Users' of the Cisco Support Community shall not post the following material with no explicit consent of affected customer:

or so.


Also, what brain damaged lawyer ordered I shall confirm rules acceptance on every posting again and again ?

Also 2: if I'm moving thread (using moderator's power) I'm pushed to confirm there are no forbidden kind of information inside. This is something I can't decide for sure, of course. So I should not be pushed to make any claims related to it. It may be considered rather cosmetic bug, unless an mad lawyer will sue me because I claimed something untrue causing the damage to someone by it.


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Michael Deku
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