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Unable to remove (delete) notifications

Hi Amy et al.,

Today, when I tried to delete a couple of notifications in my profile, I've found that this functionality is broken:

After clicking on the 'Remove' button in the notification, this error message appears. I've tried the usual logout / clear all browser data / login cycle but it did not help. This must have occurred recently - I remember clearing old notifications the last week successfully.

Anyone else having this problem too? Amy, can someone have a look at this?

Best regards,


NAK.I tried to delete some


I tried to delete some recent as well as some six months old notifications I have and I hit no issue.


Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Hi Dan,Interesting. Not only

Hi Dan,

Interesting. Not only I cannot delete any notification that is displayed on the first page of notifications, but I did not even receive a notification regarding this answer of yours. I got an e-mail alright but your post was not recorded in the list of notifications in my profile.

Best regards,


Hi Dan,I had the same problem

Hi Dan,

I had the same problem. Thank you!

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Hi PeterI had this same

Hi Peter

I had this same problem a while back and posted into the VIP forum about it.

Tried different browsers and cleared cache etc. and it didn't help.

A day after I posted it all started working again but I never found out if the support team had done something or it just cleared itself.

Frustrating though as everything was out of sync in terms of notifications.


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Hi Jon,Thanks for joining and

Hi Jon,

Thanks for joining and for confirming this issue!

The notifications are broken in multiple ways, I'd say:

  1. Responses to the most recent threads I've been active in are not displayed in the "Notifications" tab of my profile but they are displayed in the popup window after clicking on the red notification counter at the top of the page. For instance, neither Dan's nor your response is visible as a notification in my "Notifications" tab, but it is displayed in that popup window.
  2. I cannot remove the notifications as explained earlier.

Best regards,

Hall of Fame Guru

PeterHave a look at


Have a look at "Notifications and some thanks" thread in the VIP forum.

Basically everything is saying something different in terms of notifications. It's all to do with the first page of notifications in your list as far as I can tell.

By the way haven't forgotten about multicast, I got side tracked into thinking about doing a document explaining the mroute table but I'm having second thoughts :-)


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Just an update to this -I now

Just an update to this -

I now have a different but related problem to this.

I can delete my notifications in my profile page and when I get a new notification I can see it in my profile page and the red box counter increments.

But the drop down box you get when you click on the red box is showing notifications from a couple of days ago and not any of the new ones.

Even after I delete all my notifications this does not change.


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