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Why is the view count hidden on the actual page of the post?

VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi all,

It's taken me some time to notice ALL the subtle changes this new "Cisco Community, reimagined!" has wrought.

But here's another one I've just noticed.  If I look at a the Summary page for an area, such as this one, I see some useful information about the statistics for each post.


But if I actually open the post, all that useful information is GONE


Where did all the counters go? Why were they removed from the actual post?

Now this information used to be always displayed on the post, and I used it often to check if many people had seen a post before replying or posting.  For instance, when you clicked the link on the email you got to notify you of this post, you now have no idea if you are the first person to read this or the 1000th.

To figure that out you'll have to find the main community board and 5 mins later (esp if this is a few days old), you MIGHT find out. But by then, you've given up.

So I urge the Keepers Of the Community Forum (@Tyler Langston)  to re-instate the counters at the top of each post. It is useful and important information.

RedNectar aka Chris Welsh.
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Tyler Langston
Community Manager
Community Manager