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Community Spotlight Awards


CSC-Community-Spotlight.pngWhat is the Community Spotlight Awards?

The Community Spotlight Awards recognizes members whose significant contributions designate leadership and commitment to their peers within their respective communities, including the Cisco Learning Network (CLN) and Cisco Comunity. Spotlight awardees are designed to recognize and thank individuals who help make our communities the premier online destination for Cisco enthusiasts.

Each Cisco community may have slightly different Spotlight Awards.

Who is eligible to be a Spotlight Awardee?
Registered members except current Cisco Designated VIPs and Hall of Fame members of the Cisco Community. Cisco employees may also be eligible for certain awards.

How long does the Spotlight award last?

This varies based on the award and community. Most awards on the community will last between one to three months.


What is the benefit of being a Community Spotlight Awardee?
Community Spotlight Awardees will be highlighted and recognized throughout the community. Awardees will have a "badge" community-spotlight-16x16.png placed next to their username on the communities to announce their achievement. The badge will indicate their Community Spotlight Awardee status and display the details of their award (e.g., Members Choice Award). After the award period is complete the "badge" will display in the user profile.


What are the categories for Cisco Community Spotlight Awards?

To start, the Community will have the following Spotlight Awards but expect more to come:

  • Members Choice:This award is intended to give our members the ability to acknowledge fellow community members efforts. If you feel a member has excelled on Cisco Community please nominate them by sending an email including why they deserve the award to

    Award Duration: 1 month
  • Small Business Award:The Small Business Cisco Community award recognizes the top Small Business Community participants. These high active knowledgeable participants will be hand picked by members of the Cisco SMB team.

Award Duration: 1 month

  • Mobile User:This award is intended to recognize a Cisco Community member who has actively contributed via mobile, and has had a positive impact towards the Community. The awardee is chosen by the Cisco mobile team..

Award Duration: 1 month

  • Best Publication Award: This award is intended to recognize Cisco Community members who have contributed a document or video that has been of significant value to fellow Cisco Community members. The awardee is chosen by Cisco Community Team based on member ratings. This award used to be called (Document or Video Award.). We have change the name to also include blogs. Blogs are moderated.

Award Duration: 1 month


  • Rookie Award: This award is intended to recognize our new members who actively contribute to the Cisco Community. The award is calculated as follows:

-We take the current award month and look at all new CSC registrants 4 months prior.

-Of those members, we then sum all their community contributions for the 3 months leading up to the award month.

-The member who has added the most content (discussions, replies, documents, videos) earns the Rookie Award.


As an example, a new user registers for the community in the month of January. That user would be eligible for the May Rookie Award. To win, that user would need to create the most combined content of all the new January Cisco Community registrants during the months of February, March, and April.

Award Duration: 1 month


  • Questions Answered Award: This award is intended to recognize a Cisco Community member whose contributions have resulted in answering the most number of questions on our community. At the end of each month, that member who has the most number of “Answered Questions” will be recognized with a community Spotlight Award.

        Award Duration: 1 month


Is there a limit on how many Spotlight Awardees there can be at any given time?

No, however there may be some periods of time we don't have any awardees if no one qualifies.


Can I Win A Spotlight Award More Than Once?

Yes, you can win the same award once per calendar year.


What does Cisco expect from its Spotlight Awardees?

We only ask that you continue to be a positive influence in the community. This is our way of acknowledging your achievements, not asking for more. As with all community members, awardees must adhere to the Cisco Community acceptable use policy and  Community Guidelines.


Who can I contact if I have more questions about the Community Spotlight Program?

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Cisco  Community Spotlight Program, please contact us at


Helpful informations, thanks

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>>After the award period is complete the "badge" will display in the user profile.


Seems to me it's not working anymore. I don't see may badge from May 2014 in my profile.

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