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Appeal to change ratings....please


This is an appeal to Dan as I know if anyone can make this happen it is him 

Recently which you may have seen is that someone rated an esteemed member a 1 for what was clearly very helpful information. This was clearly a snipe rating and almost caused them to consider stop posting. I think this community should remove the rating levels 1 and 2 as they serve no purpose except to give some a way to degrade a poster. If someone does not like the response to their question than they just need not rate them. If there is some logic as to why they should remain please let me know.

Now you may say it gives a way to flag an incorrect answer or a bad recommendation. Well there is a way this could be handled, someone who see that could send that information to the moderator to be removed if it incorrect information or if it would cause damage. or if that were too much to have to deal with which it could be I am sure the experts here would catch that and flag it by posting a warning.

If this is possible please lets work on that.

Thank you


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My post didn't make sense to me after I re-read it, so I decided to remove it, sorry.

I think that there needs to be a way to rate people that continue to post non-relevent information in reply to a question.  That could be as simple as a "not relevant" button.

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