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Cisco Support Community Ad Policy

Tom Yoritaka


Some of you have noticed a recent pilot to deliver contextual information in the community through advertising.

Our intent is to deliver information mostly about the community & Cisco products/technologies.  However, this will be mixed with limited 3rd-party information.

We're experimenting w/ several alternative approaches - and therefore you'll see bumps along the way.

Please bear w/ us.

Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

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Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Tom,

Thanks for keeping us updated on this ongoing endeavor and for your

stellar support of CSC in general

As you know, some of us are not keen on having advertising on the

CSC Forums. I was wondering if you might be able to set up a Poll

to gauge the Community for how it feels about 3rd-party Ad's. As a

Community it seems like getting feedback from a large sample of members

would be an excellent way to go.

Just a thought.




Thank you for the comment - and thank you for being such an advocate in the community!

As there are so many sutble flavors & apporaches (and thus it's hard to accurately poll under a generic "advertising" question), (for now) we'd like to look at community responses through a number of "trials".  We are also thinking about setting up virtual focus groups to get feedback (TBD).

It's clear to us we don't yet have the right solution - and we're still exploring at this point.

Best regards,

Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your kind response

I do understand that a general Poll might not be desirable

at this point, but when the final format has been determined and

delivered to CSC I would still like to hear what members think.

I very much like the "focus group" idea and hope that some of us old

"nay sayers" will be included

As an advocate for CSC I am determined to keep it as palatable

to all members as is technically/humanly possible. I am not against

changes here, but I do want to see things move in the right direction

and I'm still not convinced that CSC needs any form of 3rd-party Ad's

regardless of the format.

Thanks for listening my friend!



I agree with Rob.  Not to say that the ad integration will be bad, but typically it is the beginning of the end of usability from most forums that I've been a part of.  I understand that beneath it all is the "bottom line"..... but the CSC is growing, and I'd hate to see the growth staggered by a bombardment of ads and loss of usability.  Add me to the list of CSC ads "nay sayers".



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