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Consolidated search across CSC, Cisco Community Central and Cisco Leaning Network

James Hawkins
Level 8
Level 8

As the title really.

The Cisco Support Community, Cisco Community Central (www.mycisco and Cisco Learning network are all great resources but seem to be separate islands of knowledge.

A search tool that could check for content on all three communities would be really useful.

I know that much of the content on Cisco Community Central is restricted to partners so it may be tricky controlling who sees what but if it could be done it would be great.

Maybe the search tool could index other Cisco information stores as well?

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Tom Yoritaka
Level 1
Level 1

Hello, James,

Thank you for your comment -

We're looking at various ways to potentially integrate these communities a little more.

I find your idea re. search very interesting.

What other ways might there be?

Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

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