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Number of Hits against a Post


I posted one query yesterday and have got one reply on the same. I was wondering if my post got skipped or people have gone through the query and felt what rubbish question I have asked (he he) and ignored to reply.

On a serious note I guess it will be helpful if we can see the number of hits against the post, so that it helps the original poster to analyse whats happening wiht the post. If there are a number of hits but still no response, the original poster can rephrase his/her query, simplify/trim the original long post etc...

One additional column - Conversations, Updated, Replies & Hits. [If feasible]

-> Sushil

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I just saw this post of yours and decided to respond to inform you there is at least one hit on this one :-)

I suppose that you mean a feature like the 'views' counter found in NSP threads:

This counter I am talking about is found inside the posts, and not in the columns of the general interface to the specific threads. I suppose people there are trying to "keep the general interface clean" (Dan Bruhn usually worries about such issues). Maybe if you relaxed the specification of the requested feature in a similar way, there would be better chances of being implemented.

Still, when you are not receiving any specific answers, you will always ask yourself what's going on. The only difference will be the number of views e.g. 1000 hits on my post and nobody answers! Why? :-)

I do not know what the conversation you opened and received few answers was about. Sometimes people that have earned badges in the forum ask questions hard to answer, and are not very easily satisfied with the answers posted (people might not be able to answer your question). This could be a reason in the general case. Conversations discussing a bug are also tough or impossible to answer (even if you open a case with cisco). There can be many reasons for not receiving an answer and you cannot know until someone is very specific about the reason. If they can be specific. Imagine this scenario: If someone replied 'I don't know the answer and cannot test this in my production network, although I wish I could bring it down any time I want' people would think he/she is not helpful!

Kind Regards,



Yeaaa!!! Thanks Maria, I now know that there was at least one hit on this post :)

I went throuth the forum link you posted and was not aware that something of that sort can also be done. What I have seen on other posts is an additional column so that you can see the number of hits against a post without clicking that post and increasing the hit counter.

But if cleanlyness of the general interface is concerned even your suggestion is good enough to act as an indicator.

At times what happens is your are looking for some information which is a bit urgent, and when you don't see any answers, you start wondering where somehas actuall seen your post. Especially because of the volume here on this forum (which is really a good thing), it normal for the users to miss some of the posts. I guess the feature which has been implement to see the unanswered posts is a good step to get such unanswered question answered.

Still if I can see that there is no or very less hit against my post, I'll try and rephrase my query. By this you can also judge how interesting is the subject line which you put, to attract the users to view your post.

Its definitely not a show stopper, but I personally feel that it will be good to have such option.

I guess your suggested way will work out much better keeping the general interface clean.

-> Sushil


I like the idea. It's a common feature in many BBS applications.

It might be interesting to see how many hits are collected over time (as a metric to how many visitors are using search), or as an indicator for archive (no increment in six months gets sent to archive), or even just to get a general interest level, i.e., a post regarding some ew feature gets a lot of hits, maybe the Cisco writers want to do an article to clarify the point-in-question.

IMO, it'd be a Good Thing and should be added, if possible.


Hey, I have got another hit for this post :)

Thanks Scott, you have pointed some interesting use of this feature.

-> Sushil

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Hey Sushil,

Here's another hit for your excellent post :) I think the existing format of NetPro could use some tweaks for sure, I think that Dan and Tim are looking at these upgrades and we may see some changes in the near future. Keep up the great work my friend!




Thanks Rob. Looks like this post if getting good hitting now :)

-> Sushil

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