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RFC: Opening Service Requests from CSC

Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Some of you may have noticed we recently added the ability to open Service Requests from CSC discussion threads.  We did this to make sure that nothing on CSC languishes, and when the TAC is formally engaged, they have all of the context they need to jump right into solving the problem.  We've started small just to see how things will work.  Only the Network Infrastructure communities have this ability right now.  Before we turn things loose on all technical communities, we wanted to get some feedback from our customers and partners about what they think of this feature.

Our first release went out on October 21.  With this first release, we allow customers and partners to open an SR from their CSC discussion.  When this happens, TAC will see all of the CSC discussion posts in their SR management interface.  Our next release is due out this month, and will allow the author of the thread to view their SR from the CSC discussion thread.  Our final phase 1 release is due out in December and will pre-populate the SR problem description with the initial CSC discussion thread post.

Checkout the FAQ on the CSC/SR integration feature for the full set of details.

So, if you've used this feature already, please comment to let us know what you think.  If you have other ideas about improving the interface between CSC and TAC we'd also love to hear those.

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