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Share your expertise --- and get to know your fellow community members (Win an iPad)

Daniel Bruhn

Cisco Support Community is a place for network technology professionals worldwide.  You post questions, answer those from your fellow community members or read our latest community blog posts.  It’s truly a community.

Why not share a little more about yourself on your profile with the community?   Others would be interested to know what you do at work, what certifications you’ve attained & what domain expertise you bring to the community.  Why not also post a photo of yourself?  As a registered  member of our community, you have full control over your profile page.  Why not take advantage of it?

Cisco Support Community has a new campaign to give you a little nudge.  If you  update your Biography and Expertise fields in your CSC profile before February 17th  2011, your name will be entered into a contest, and you could win one of two Apple iPads.*  (Limit one prize per household.)  We will also be featuring our community’s most creative profiles!

So, update your community profile today!

To participate in the contest, login to CSC, click on “Account” - profile - "Actions" widget - edit profile.

* For complete contest rules

Good luck!

Cisco Support Community

Cheers, Dan
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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hi Dan, nice initiative.

Why an iPad and not a Cius?

Just curious ...