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1 internalcall with high internalcallstime in agent_skill_group_interval table



Greetings of peace to everyone here.

I have already reported this to cisco but I wanted to help them in answering my question.

I happen to see a very high (impossibly) internalcallstime for a single call in the ASGI table. I see 1 internalcall and 159622 secs internalcallstime which is equivalent to more 45hours.  I see a lot of the same issue in some days of the month. My problem is I can't find that actual call. I see 12 handled calls in the asgi and I only see 12 calls termination in the tcd which the same talktime as in the 12 handled calls in the asgi. So i am missing the internalcall in the TCD or at least, I cannot find that call with high internalcallstime in the TCD.

Has anyone of you experienced this already? Can anyone please tell me how or where to check these internalcalls so I can trace the time? Also, how can  you possibly have that call as long as 45 hours? I am assuming it is a stuck call but no way for me to confirm that.

If anyone has had this same issue, kindly share your findings to me. It's been our issue for a month now and so far, I have no luck in finding a resolution or root cause.

Do let me know please if you need more details from me to explain this further.

Many many thanks in advance for your help,


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We have not seen/heard of anything like this.  Is this for a UCM PG or one of the Legacy PGs?

Hi Vikram,

I am not a UCCE guy but more of a CUIC one so I really cannot answer your question about UCM PG and Legacy PG? If you could be more specific, I might be able to answer that.

As for my case, it has been escalated to the cisco devt team and they went into the opccapture file. It made them file a new defect which is specific only this case.

That's all information we have as of now. It's not even resolved yet.



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