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Abandoned calls - Seen in the SG Ans/Aband report but not in the SG His report


I am working with a customer who reports on Abandoned call level in detail.

In Simplistic terms, when running the Skill group Historical report we are seeing 24 calls abandoned in SL Aban column and 38 in the Aband calls column.

Whilst those 2 columns calculate on slightly different things, in this report the difference between SL Aband and Aband calls is 14.

When you then run the SK Ans/Aban report a total of 24 calls are seen in th 0 - 8 Secs and 8 - 3 secs, from 30 secs onwards there are a further 19 calls

so my question is where are those extra 5 calls.

When I have run the same to reports in our lab system, I am only seeing 2 half hour rows in the SG His Report and 5 in the SG Ans/Aband Report.

How can this happen? I have already excluded short calls as there aren't any..

If anyone has seen this or has any thoughts they can share, I would be grateful.

Thanks Sarah



Have you reviewed any errors on the logs?

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