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about VXML Session timeout...

lee yongbeom
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The VXML Session time out at application level is set to default (30 mins). Should we reduce it to lower value?

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YES!  It comes into play if the call is lost (or returned to ICM) but

VXML Server doesn't know (ie, it's a bug) - it tells VXML Server to free

the license if there's been no caller input after this much idle time.

Usually about 5 minutes is fine.

Rahul Kumar
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30 mins default is very long. If vxml session gets stuck due to some app error, vxml port doesn’t get released until 30 minutes timeout is reached. So if you have 100 ports and 100 calls got session stuck then it cannot process any new call for almost 30 minutes.

If it’s a standalone application (meaning there is no subdialog call within the app), then I keep it to 3 minutes. If I am calling subdialog from the app then I keep it a little longer (somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes).



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lee yongbeom
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Thanks for all the replies.

So what is the way to reduce timeout?

Studio app - Project / Properties/ Call Studio / General Settings.

Is 15 minutes minimum?

No, type in something like 5

ok, I understand it.

If I am a microapps script rather than a VXML Server script, where should I set a timeout?

it's not used with icm microapps.