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Add label before transferring call to an external number

Syed Hussain


I have a request from one my customer who would like to overflow calls an external 1800 number if all of their agents are busy.
They have 4 different CSQs and for each CSQ there is a separate 1800 number to overflow calls.
For the UCCX scripts we would like the ability of setting up a label per 1800 number that will help the supervisors to come up with the appropriate reporting so they can track all calls that are transferred to the 1800 number based on the label assigned per number.

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James Hawkins

Some questions-

  1. How do callers get transferred? - do you give them an option to press a button, do this happen after a set period of queuing or do you not queue the calls at all if there are no suitably skilled agents in the Ready state?
  2. What type of reporting will the supervisors be looking at? - historical or real-time?
  3. What type of UCCX do they have? Standard, Enhanced or Premium?

If the callers are placed in a CSQ then you can use the Dequeue step before transferring the call to the overflow number.

The stock UCCX Historical Report  Contact Service Queue Activity Report can report on dequeued calls so that might solve you problem if it is historical reporting that is required.

If it is real time then the RtCSQsSummary database table allows access to callsdequeued per CSQ. It is pretty straightforward to write a web applications to display CSQ stats and you can obviously format/label them in any way that you like.



BTW if you have UCCX 9.x or later then you could probably create a custom report to show the data in CUIC.

When UCCX 10.0 launches with the Finesse desktop you could create a custom reporting gadget and embed it in the Supervisors desktops.

Syed Hussain

Thanks for your response everyone.
I will be sequencing the call and then create an overflow CSQ which will then transfer the calls the toll free external numbers.
This will generate a report for all the calls that were sent to the overflow csq.

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