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Adding New Application. IPCC 4.0(4)


I am trying to add two new applications to my IPCC express box; here is what I have done.

I created two new Applications, pointed them to two new corresponding Scripts and added a JTAPI extension to each application. In my main IPCC script I set it to when a contact makes a certain selection it is suppose to forward it to one of the new application JTAPI extensions, refreshed all scripts and applications. This is not happening. I tested each application manually by calling the associate JTAPI extension and they work. The line I am using in the main script is "Call Redirect(--Triggering Contact--To "8782")". What am I missing?

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If a refresh doesn't update it, I'm not sure what to say. It almost seems like it just didn't take the update. How did you upload the new version, saving directly to the repository or uploading it via the website? If you've been doing it one way, try it the other. Is there any possibility this is a parameter variable? Are you manually setting the value from the application page or just in the script?

First thing I'd do is re-upload the thing, then run a reactive script after you refresh everything to make sure its running the version you just uploaded.

Good luck


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Fabio Funaki

I never tried to transfer to an CTI Route Point, I think that it could works. When I need to call another application I use the Call Subflow Step.


Fabio Funaki

Well, I don't think it is failing there. I guess I left some information out. I am actually changing the selection. The way it was initially setup was when a person made the selection it would transfer them to a single extension. Now that i have changed it from the extension number to the CTI RP, it is like to change did take place. It is still routing it to the old extension that was there previously.

Thanks for your reply.


Try refreshing both the script and the application to make sure its using the latest version that you updated.


Thanks for the reply Jim.

I did refresh them... A thousand times. Its like it is totally ignoring my sript changes and using the old values. Any other ideas?