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addToLog method for CVP Reporting


How can the applicaiton developers use addToLog() method for CVP Reporing purpose? What config settings will have to be made on CVP reporing server side ?



You can use that to add the info to the activity log. It has nothing to do specifically with Reporting server.  You will need to set filters in your OAMP.


Hi Hemal,

Where does the CVP reporting server gets the app session data from ? For example call detail report has the info related to each element like its name and exit state,etc? I'm aware that the reporting server  uses the DB but then how does the db gets this applicaton data? Could you please brief me up on the reporting methodology in CVP.What all the app developers should do in the code to get the data into CVP reports (CUIC) ? Thanks so much for your time,.

One the session data is logged, it will pick it up. Also you need to set filters.  It will not be picked up by being virtue of being session data.

Thank you Hemal. Had one more question. Does a call to addToLog method would post the data to VXMLCustomContent table by default? or should we configure filters via Operations Console?


Does this apply to element data as well? In other words inorder for the element data to appear in CVP reporting server , we'll have to set the filters via. Operations console - Correct?


Any variable (Session or Element) can be recorded into the database, it depends entirely on the Filters you set in the VXML Server Configuration in CVP OAMP.

The addToLog method only outputs to the application's log file, it does not record to the database.



Thank you Jameson.

The reporting guide has the following note:


VXMLCustomContent table

This table contains one record for each VXML custom event. This event occurs if a custom component

programmatically calls the AddToLog method of the Session API. The event will also occur when an element

whose configuration contains entries in the Add To Log table in the General tab is run.

Though we'll the addToLog method, we should set the filters in OAMP - Correct? Otherwise the data will not appear in VXMLCustomContent table? Thanls for all your responses.


Oops, looks like I was mistaken.

Yes, the AddToLog method will output data to the VXMLCustomContent table. It looks like you do not need to set up filters in OAMP for this to occur.

You would use the filters if you wanted to add any element or session data to the database. It looks like these values would be stored in VXMLElementDetail and VXMLSessionVariable tables.



Ok Thank you Jameson. Should we have premium license to execute custom queries on these tables? For example If I need to write a query that would populate data from both VXMLElementTable and CustomContentTable.  Is that possible without premium license? I don't want to rely solely on stocl reports.

I see the following note in reporting guide but I guess it applies to only stock reports modification using CUIC app - Correct?..

"If you have a Premium license for Unified Intelligence Center, you can also modify the SQL query for the report definition, and design custom reports and report definitions using Save As."

Application summary reports (15, daily, and weekly),
Call report,
Call detail report,
Call traffic reports (15, daily, and weekly),
Current and historical callback reports,
Trunk group utilization report

You can only create custom queries in CUIC with a Premium license or a Lab license. This is true for modifying stock report queries, or for creating reports from scratch.



Thank you so much for all your responses.

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