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Agent "drops out" of view in Supervisor Desktop


I have one agent that can log into the Agent Desktop, and for a brief time, I can see that he's logged in via the Supervisor Desktop, but then he drops out and I can no longer see him. When I check his PC, he is still logged in and reports pick up his data. I have removed/readded him from the groups and reset his ICD extension. I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the Agent software. Other ideas? Thanks.

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1. Verify the agent belongs to the team that the Supervisor is Monitoring. Refer the "Team" configuration in "Cisco Desktop Administrator User Guide".

2. Verify that all CAD's & CSD's have been upgraded to same version as the Desktop Services running on the IPCC Express server.

3. Make sure agent is not closing the Chat window. This is the piece of the Agent desktop software that sends information to the Chat server about the agent's status. The Chat server then relays these messages to the Supervisor for display.

4. Does Supervisor or agent have multiple NIC Cards?

See the service guide troubleshooting section for "Problem Call/Chat and Supervisor Desktop do not work properly on PCs with multiple IP addresses"

5. Are there any ports in the 59000-59030 range that are closed off by a firewall?

6. Is the agent or supervisor running Windows XP? If so is the Internet Connection Firewall enabled? (seen under the Local Area Connection settings, Advanced tab.)

7. To test for blocked ports use telnet from command line as follows with agent and supervisor logged in:

From Chat server to agent: telnet 59020

From Chat server to supervisor: telnet 59021

From agent to Chat server: telnet 59000

From supervisor to Chat server: telnet 59000

If you get a failed to connect error then you will need to determine why port is blocked.

8. If all the above is checked, then get logs to see where the communication is breaking down.

Chat Server log with debug level 1

Agent and Supervisor desktop log with debug level 204



I have a question about #2. How do I find the desktop service version running on the server? I'm having a similiar issue with a couple of agents disappearing from the sup desktop every now and then.

2. Verify that all CAD's & CSD's have been upgraded to same version as the Desktop Services running on the IPCC Express server.

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