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Agent State Codes ICM/UCCE 10.5 environment

Does anyone have a complete list of states/codes that can be mapped from Cisco to Verint? And is there a way to add "custom" Agent State Codes ie: transfer/conference/outbound DID call etc. We are currently building an integration with Verint 360 11.0 and Cisco 10.5. There does not seem to be a way to see when an agent is in one of the states above? this seems very odd to me- in order to manage your agents you would want to be able to see them in all of the phone states- looking for suggestions/answers. We are using CAD Agent desktop as well. I have attached a copy of the "default" agent states : 14 ,

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The list you provided is the

The list you provided is the complete list. You can always view it every time a new database schema doc is released

If you want to view this in real-time, you'll need reporting software that allows a real-time dashboard like Exony VIM or CUIC. What you'll need to make that happen is a SQL query...

Greg O'Rourke, another contributor here, has a good sql query from his website

Agent_Real_Time.DateTime AS DateTime, 
Agent_Real_Time.AgentState AS AgentState, 

Case Agent_Real_Time.AgentState 
WHEN '0' THEN 'Logged Out'
WHEN '1' THEN 'Logged On'
WHEN '2' THEN 'Not Ready'
WHEN '3' THEN 'Ready'
WHEN '4' THEN 'Talking'
WHEN '5' THEN 'Work Not Ready'
WHEN '6' THEN 'Work Ready'
WHEN '7' THEN 'Busy Other'
WHEN '8' THEN 'Reserved'
WHEN '9' THEN 'Unknown-9'
WHEN '10' THEN 'Calls On Hold'
WHEN '11' THEN 'Active'
WHEN '12' THEN 'Paused'
WHEN '13' THEN 'Interrupted'
WHEN '14' THEN 'Not Active'

ELSE 'unknown'
END AS AgentStateName,

Person.FirstName AS FirstName, 
Person.LastName AS LastName,
Agent.EnterpriseName AS EnterpriseName,
Agent_Real_Time.Extension AS Extension

Agent_Real_Time INNER JOIN
Agent ON Agent_Real_Time.SkillTargetID = Agent.SkillTargetID INNER JOIN
Person ON Agent.PersonID = Person.PersonID

ORDER BY Person.LastName



Re: The list you provided is the

I running the same query against my realDB and not getting any syntax error but no output. Ran this in my production environment with agents logged and taking calls.


Any hints what I am doing wrong?

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Re: The list you provided is the

Can you provide a screenshot?


Re: The list you provided is the

Are you running against the query against the configuration database.  It should work.


Re: The list you provided is the

I really appreciate you for sharing Query for real time data.

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