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Agents stuck in reserved state and inbound calls are waiting in queue / getting abandoned.

Problem Statement

Dialer keeps agents in reserved state even if there is an inbound call waiting in the queue.

Business Expectation

Agent should be released from reserved state after each outbound dial attempt or when there is an inbound call in queue for the blended skill.

For each outbound record, dialer should reserve the agent, dial the record and release the agent back to ready. And repeat this cycle for every record dialer has to dial out. This will allow agent get inbound calls if there are any in the queue and meet the compliance in terms of inbound calls.

Impact on business

Inbound calls could be abandoned due to  agent unavailability which may result in breach of Ofcom compliance. This is for UK region.

Please help in terms of what can be done either in Outbound dialer or Finesse API to release the agent state

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Are you using the out of the box Finesse agent desktop or is this a custom desktop you have built using the API? UCC* should be handling the dialing of the record and moving the agent state. Based off of all the information you have provided in your description, it is most likely a product issue and you will need to open a TAC case.



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