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alternate between parties in conference

Can we alternate between the caller and conference party, once all parties are in conference.

Below is the scenario

1.  Place call to agent

2.  Agent initiates a conference to another number

3.  Agent now wants to speak with original caller without the conference party hearing (like     alternate function)

4.  Then switch back into conference.

Which type of conference CTIOS supports. I saw CUCM documents and CUCM supports MeetMe and Adhoc conference. We can achieve this through Meetme conference on hardphones.

But can we achieve this using CTIOS?

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Re: alternate between parties in conference

Nope, CTIOS does not have such functions. What you want is more like PBX or attendant console feature. It's not part of general call center functionality.

You can alternate calls before conference is set up, but after conference is established, in CTIOS you can only hold/unhold conference on agent phone, drop agent connection, add another party/call to conference or drop whole conference.

CTIOS supports ad-hoc conference. Meet-me conference is not directly supported. You can manipulate buttons to emulate phone behaviour to start meet-me conference, but it's not good way.

Re: API for Starting MeetMe Conference


Re: alternate between parties in conference

Hi Pavan,

Incase of consult conference, while the call is in consultation phase, you can always perform the switch between the call legs using alternate  but once you complete the conference then the switching is not possible.

This is because after completeing the conference we have only one leg remaining but while consultation we have two call legs available.

Below is the test i performed for you in my lab:

Ag1: 1001 Ext: 666671
Ag2: 1003 Ext: 666637

#1: While Consult leg:

Here agent 1 intiated consult leg with agent 2:

Here the first leg ( call between the agent 1 and customer)  is on hold and the second leg( call between agent 1 and agent 2 )  is active


#2: First alternate triggered:

Alternate button clicked to switch between the legs. Now here the first leg is active ( Talking) and second leg is on Hold.


#3: Second Alternate triggered:

Alternate cliecked again which performed the switching once again between the legs.


#4: After completing conference:

After completing the confrence we have onyl one leg remaining. so not alternate can be performed here.


Let me know if this answers your query .

Hemant K. Joshi


Re: alternate between parties in conference

Hi Hemant,

Thanks for your reply.

I know that after completing the conference there is only one call leg but we have one requirement which needs alternating between parties after completing the conference.

I saw CUCM supports Meet-me conference which behaves like this where we can join on conference bridge and can remove any party from conference bridge.

However I need this working with CTIOS. Can we remove any party once in conference through CTIOS?




Re: alternate between parties in conference

Ok so you are trying to decouple one of the conference party.  With CTIOS it is not possible to achieve it.

Are you using CVP for queuing ?


Re: alternate between parties in conference

yes, we are using CVP for queuing


Re: alternate between parties in conference


Removal of one of the party from the conference can not be achieved by CTIOS out of box Client.

But have you tried your hands on Finesse.

I just tried to test conference scenario with finesse and do locate a drop  button which displays the Drop participant option .

Just see if this helps you to achieve the functionality you are looking for.

Below are my test details:

Agent 1: 1001  Ext: 666671
Agent 2: 1003  Ext: 666637

Incoming call came to agent one from Ext. 666643 via route point 1010.

Below is the snapshot showing the drop participant optionFinesse_Test.png

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