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Any / best way to create / use mobile smartphone app for CUIC ?


Is there an existing mobile phone application that works with Cisco Unified Intelligence Center? The request is to be able to run reports from an app on a smart phone.


I realize a browser could be used to display web pages.


Don't want to reinvent the wheel if there is a best practice that has already been developed in regards to this.


I imagine a custom mobile app could be created, if so, any experience/ suggestions with this and would it be supported.


From searches so far, it appears that CUIC API is not exposed - is this true and still the case?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Hi Lenny,


This is something that's achievable with the 2Ring DW solution,


With DW you can display a vast amount of Real time KPI's as well as external content, CUIC being one of them and we can display on a variety of platforms from Smart phones/tablets through to large CC displays.


I'd be happy to run a quick demo for you if you need more information.



email, WEBEX TEAMS..

Mobile..  +44 7842 553492


There is no existing application. Not even a sample or demo app from Cisco. They do know this and are encouraging developers to come up with solutions.


Best practices are whatever is normal for your mobile application dev team.


I'm not sure about the CUIC api; I know there is help in the developer's guide. Are you just looking for the reporting functionality?

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