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Are there any agent gadgets that show their personal statistics

Michael Miu


With Cisco Agent Desktop, each agent could view their queue related real-time/historical statistics, as well as their personal statistics.

In Finesse, I can utilize CUIC Sample Gadget and create a permalink for the queue related statistics.  Is it possible to show an agent's personal statistics as well?

Thank you!

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Mark Cockrell

You can show agent level statistics using a CUIC gadget but I don't think that's a scalable solution.  You would either have a report showing all agent statistics or you would need an individual permalink for every agent.  It does not appear that you can pass parameters using a permalink. 

Another option would be to create your own gadget which pulls the agent stats from the HDS. 

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

You may be able to create a CUIC permalink for a specific agent. I suggest you post your question in the reporting forum

Thank you both.   CUIC permalink for a specific agent...  How would that work if the layouts are by team?

If it's possible you would have to set the permalink programmatically in the CUIC.js file.  i.e. Lookup the users extension and match it to a permalink to return.

Maybe try the getExtension() method of the finesse.restservices.User Class.

It looks like you can pass parameters into CUIC permalinks. 

i.e. //localhost:8444/cuic/permalink/PermalinkViewer.htmx?viewId=5BC22D1C1000013C61E3571D0A4E5AF5&linkType=htmlType&viewType=Grid&@agent_list=14527,14537

You would still need to build the link programmatically in the the CUIC.js file.

Thanks Mark.  However if we have 50+ agents, that would mean 50 separate CUIC permalinks correct?

I imagine that would cause system performance issues for CUIC.

It would only be one report and permalink, an agent level report that is filtered by Agent.  You would then just modify the permalink URL to include the agents ID as a parameter.  I believe this should be possible in the CUIC.js file but I have not done so yet myself.  I'd be curious how it works if you give it a try.

passing parameters to permalink will required authentication to view the reports.

Anybody tried using auto login ? or auto authentication to CUIC to resolve the issue?

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