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* as term char in cvp

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I have a requirement where I need to make the * same as the # key for DTMF data termination. i.e. the caller enters an account number where minimum length and maximum length are different, the caller enters the # or * key to inform the application that data entry has finished. I redefined the data termination key (termchar) and left it empty value however the * is not taking affect.


I specified the VXML property termchar  on the root document in the Properties of the application.

<vxml_property name="fetchtimeout">60s</vxml_property>
<vxml_property name="termchar"></vxml_property>


What am I missing here?

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You can't set the termchar to two different values.
You can set it to # or set it to * but not both.

And is the termchar the right way of setting it?

If you want to set * as the termchar, then yes you can set it in the
root document. Name: termchar  Value: *'

But, then # will be allowed through as a regular dtmf entry. It will not
be removed by the vvb.

Hi @harresh123 

In the case that you describe, I usually use the Form which I set to capture all characters (digits from 0 to 9, # and *) - here you have to remember that you have to put \* as DTMF Keypress to capture star. Once the char is captured I use Decision block where I put the conditions for and provide treatment for valid options (including star and hash).


It's more complex than setting just one global setting but it should work for you.

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