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ASA (Average Speed of Answer) replacement

When we upgraded from UCCX 8.6 to 10.6 and replaced CAD/CSD with Finesse, we lost the LIVE ASA metric.  Finesse/CUIC no longer have the ASA metric in a live form, like what was available in CSD.  They can provide the metric in 30 minute intervals (15 with a stand-alone CUIC), but that is way to far out of scope to be useful for our needs.  Currently, our supervisors all still have a CSD window open on their PCs so they can keep track of ASA.  I have been told (from Cisco) there is a small chance that it could an undetermined the future...possibly.  Our contact center relies very heavily on that metric for staffing and managing expectations with other vendors, for internal reasons.  We are now a full version behind current and really need to start looking at upgrading, but we can't because we need ASA.  I'm looking for suggestions on other metrics that might be able to provide similar or the same level of information that we are getting now with ASA.  The metric has to be live and has to be native in UCCX.  Using a third party app is not an option for us, at least not at this time.  Was anyone else relying on this metric before it was removed in Finesse?  Any thoughts on what metric we could use as a replacement for ASA?


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Cisco Employee

Unfortunately none of the LD

Unfortunately none of the LD reports at the moment show ASA, there is a Historical Report Contact Service Queue Activity report that shows this value but looking at your case description it will not meet your requirements there as the refresh rate for the historical report is 30 minutes and this cannot be changed.




Thanks Deepak.  Are you aware

Thanks Deepak.  Are you aware of any metric that would be comparable to ASA?  Something that would provide a live feed of a metric that would be similar to ASA?

Side question, do you happen to know if ASA is in UCCE?


Cisco Employee

Not really Chris, there is a

Not really Chris, there is a field Average Ring Time in the Team Summary LD report but it calculates as below:

Average ring time = Total ring time / Calls handled

whereas ASA calculation is Total queue time / Calls handled completely different

There also does not seem to be a LD in UCCE showing ASA field



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