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Ask the Expert: Deployment and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) Deployments

With Anirudh Ramachandran  and Abhiram Kramadhati 

Deployment and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Contact Center Express UCCX Deployments with Anirudh Ramachandran and Abhiram KramadhatiDeployment and Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Contact Center Express UCCX Deployments with Anirudh Ramachandran and Abhiram Kramadhati

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the latest advancements in Cisco UCCX (such as the integration of Cisco Social Miner to provide agent chat and better reporting using the Cisco Unified Intelligence Center), as well as the existing features of Historical Reporting, custom reporting using the historical database, Agent Email services, JTAPI integration with CUCM, and the HA over WAN cluster mechanism.

Anirudh Ramachandran is a customer support engineer at the Cisco Backbone Technical Assistance Center in Bangalore, India. Working in the Asia-Pacific time zone for the last two years, he focuses on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express issues and specializes in Linux, JTAPI/CTI integration, and UCCX system and database issues. He holds the CCNP Voice and UCCX Specialist certifications, and is also a Red Hat Certified Engineer. Anirudh writes tools and automates bug workarounds for UCCX in addition to working on TAC service requests, and currently has authored and co-authored seven such tools. Anirudh graduated from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering.

Abhiram Kramadhati is an engineer with the Contact Center Backbone team in the Asia Pacific timezone. He has been working with UCCX since he started with Cisco 2 years ago. During his time at Cisco, he has built his expertise around UCCX Telephony applications, JTAPI integration, UCCX system behaviour, LDAP components and also UCCX as IPIVR in UCCE environments. He also works on other technologies including Unified Communications Manager and UCCE. He has been involved in many technical escalations in the region. Abhiram is a Telecommunications engineer from Bangalore, India.

Remember to use the rating system to let Anirudh and Abhiram know if you have received an adequate response. 

They might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Collaboration, Voice and Video Contact Center subcommunity discussion forum shortly after the event. This event lasts through May 3, 2013. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other Cisco Support Community members.



Thanks again for hosting this.

I have a purely cosmetic request regarding reactive debugs.

Could you please enable some sort of window expandability to the script name field? We can expand the reactive debugging script window, see below, but not the script name field. I realize this is a small thing, however, it would be awesome if this field expanded with the main window.

Thanks again for your time and attention!


Hi Keith,

We will look into this. I will share the enhancement request ID once filed.

Meanwhile, you can always click on the Expression Editor option (the blue arrow on the far right of the Script Name text box), click on Script, and click on Browse Scripts to go through the Script Repository and select the script.

Thanks & Regards,
"Protocol, then product"

Thanks & Regards, Anirudh "Protocol, then product"
Anas Abueideh

Dear Experts,

I have a question about AQM and WFM with HA license for UCCX. I don't know if it is covered in this discussion.

can we deploy reduandancy for AQM and WFM with this HA license ? if yes how we can configure this kind of reduandancy ?

thanks in advance


Hi Anas,

Thanks for your question!

From your question, I am able to gather that the clarification needed is "if AQM/WFM can be configured with a HA UCCX system".

Yes, the Quality management system can be deployed with a UCCX HA system. For that, during the postinstall setup of the Quality management; we would have to provide the IP Address of both the UCCX servers. Here is an example:

As far as the licneses are concerned, the licenses need to be ordered based on your requirements. For example, let us take an example where you need the Workforce Management seats for 50 users. Then you need to check the UCCX SRND to understand how this behaves. Looking at that, we can see that this needs 1 license per user (not concurrent). Therefore, you will be ordering 50 licneses for workforce users apart from your regular UCCX licneses (HA, seats, ports etc. ). The SRND gives you a complete description of the licenses used and how you can size your system accordingly.

Do let me know if that clarifies your question.


Abhiram Kramadhati

Hi Abhiram,

thanks for your reply. I think my question was not clear.

I am asking about redundancy for AQM and WFM. is it covered under HA UCCX license or we need separate license for AQM and WFM redundancy? and we can configure this redundancy

I don't know if this is covered under this discussion.

Thanks in advance



Thanks again for a great session! As you are so resourceful, I was hoping you can put some light on "early media" SIP call type and how it is related to UCCX. What I'm trying to figure out is how incoming calls can reach IVR and even type some DTMF before call is actually connected, i.e. before CDR is generated. I'll appreciate any response, for example info that "early media" has nothing to do with scenario I just described or if something like that is even possible.

Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for having this forum helped a ton.

One more. I am currently working on a script for a banking client which ofcourse will have several WebService to be hit.

So coming to my question is there a way i can play a background music while a node is getting executed in this case a "do" block say something like fetch audio.

There is a work around for this like keeping the call on hold and playing a background music from then releasing the call, But i think this is not the best practice to do it. So is there a way we can achieve this?

Thanks Again.


Hi Binny,

Thanks for your question.

I understand that you would want the UCCX script to process 2 steps parallely i.e. play a prompt and process a document. I believe this is not possible in the current design. The best forum to discuss about the pros and cons about different workarounds would be the CDN, which you are already aware of . There is the Cisco UCCX Best Practice Guide which talks about the best practices in terms of scripting:

I would be keen to know what method you would eventually use. Please keep us posted.


Abhiram Kramadhati

Hi Tenaro,

UCCX does not play any role in the call signaling: CUCM handles this, and lets the UCCX know of call events using CTI/JTAPI. Your gateway and CUCM can be configured for early media.

Reaching the IVR (i.e. UCCX) will only happen when the CTI port answers the call.

CDR is generated as soon as the CTI port answers the call, i.e. at the Accept step of your script.

Please help me understand your scenario better. I'd like to know the use case that you are trying to achieve.

Thanks & Regards,
"Protocol, then product"

Thanks & Regards, Anirudh "Protocol, then product"

UCCX 9.0 - Issue Retrieving Dialer fields in script editor

Hi Experts,

In  IVR campaign I am trying to retrieve BAAccount number field in the  script editor but no success. I tried the below options in the UCCX  script editor but it didn't work. Once contact is uploaded, dialer  fields are sent to IVR application by default or is there any settings  we need to do in UCCX admin? Thanks in advance for your help!

1) Tried through ECC variables in Get Enterprise Call Info element
2) Getting as session data through Get session element


UCCX 9.0 - Issue File Reading and Writing under default folder

Hi Experts,

In UCCX 9.0, I am trying to read and write from a text file i have uploaded under default folder. From the script I am able to update the information in the file  and on the next call script is able to get the updated information. but  physically if i go to default folder(through CCX Administration) and  opens the file in the browser or downloads the file into local system i  couldn't see the information i updated. how the script is taking updated  information?



Hi Rajasekar,

For both questions, could you please share your scripts?

Issue Retrieving Dialer fields in script editor:

We would also like to see the layout configuration from:

Cisco Desktop Administrator > Services Configuration > Enterprise Data >

  • Layout List
  • Fields

Issue File Reading and Writing under default folder:

We would also like to see a copy of the file.

Thanks & Regards, Anirudh "Protocol, then product"

Hi Anirudh,

For Issue Retrieving Dialer fields in script editor

Please find the sript, layout and Fields configuration attached here with.

Hi Rajasekar,

Thanks for your question!

We have had multiple cases with our PDI teams for this requirement. In the current design, the data is delivered to the application directly but is not exposed to be used by other entities. The data is present in the "DialingList" table in the database, and the only way to achieve the result you want is by accessing the database. Since the database is not exposed as of now, this will be completely unsupported.

This is not part of the roadmap as of now, but we will be sure to let you know as soon as there is any update on this.

Thanks for all your questions!


Abhiram Kramadhati

Anas Abueideh

Dear Experts,

thanks you for your helpful replies.

can we send an email from the script ? if the caller listen for info like a balance for his account, and he requests for an email contains this info. is it applicable to send this kind of email from the script. if yes, how we can configure it

thanks in advance


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