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Lisa Latour
Frequent Contributor

Ask the Expert: Social Miner Implementation, deployment & troubleshoot with Contact Center

SocialMiner is a solution that can act as a standalone receiver for social media such as Facebook, Twitter. It also has the ability to integrate with the Unified Contact Center Space to provide Chat, Email and Courtesy Callback functions.
This session will provide an opportunity to learn and ask questions about the Social Miner application and its position in the Contact Center space.

SocialMiner is widely deployed with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) for Web Chat and Agent Email. The Web Chat and Email provides non-voice contacts to agents with Cisco Finesse.

Ask questions from June 22, 2015 through July 3, 2015

Featured Expert

Arundeep Nagaraj is currently working at Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) under the Contact Center Technology for the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Team (UCCX). I have been supporting customers and partners with issues on UCCX, SocialMiner, Finesse, Mediasense and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC). I currently hold the CCIE Voice Certification #40132 and also hold the CCIE Collaboration (Written only). I am current Red Hat Certified Expert (RHCE) and a VMWare Certified Professional (VCP). Within Cisco, I have been working with the UCCX team providing various trainings, developing internal knowledge and articles to help the engineers. I have been presenting on UCCX topics in Cisco Live local events and also a part of the Technical Solutions Clinic at Cisco Live San Diego 2015.

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Hi Martyn,

Thanks for bringing this up. This is an area which needs additional thought.

Social Miner and CCX Web Chat integration provides us with the advantage of having the HTML code built in by the system when the Chat Widget List is created. This would just need a copy paste of the code into the webserver hosted on the website.

How is it integrated into the website?

The HTML code generated by UCCX can be given to Website developers in your company and the UI can be customized to include this Chat piece of HTML code.

I have created a sample HTML files which contains the Chat Code and also some customization to it. Download the zip file to your PC and extract so that main.html and clicktochat.html are in the same folder.

I have also attached the link for the recording for the explanation on the HTML and the website forms in short:

Hope this helps in your deployment!



Valery Kuznetsov

Is there a possibility to customize  design of main chat page that presented to clients?

Mean not just template generated from CCX with First name,Last name, question etc. but page where we are actually talking with agent.

Absolutely. The HTML code snippet generated is usually incorporated into a website and various possible web technologies can be used. Web site programmers are best suited to advise on this.

Hi Valery,

Great question. When the Chat is being connected to an agent, few fields can be modified before we can retrieve the HTML code and this is best done by Web Developers.

If you have a Social Miner Server in your lab, I have created a sample HTML file with modified Chat Logo and user experience.

Open the test.html on a notepad and replace the URL of <my-socialminer-FQDN> with the actual FQDN of your server and save it. Launch the HTML file on your browser (We need not host it. Just save it on the Desktop and click on it).

You will see a custom logo for which is on the internet and a custom message. The Following fields can be customized as well:

Logo URL

Widget Wait Message

Join Timeout Message

Error Message

An individual with web designing, HTML, CSS and XML skills should be able to customize this for the end user experience.

Hope this helps!




Just to add to the following point and what Shantanu mentioned, this can be customized with the API available on SocialMiner.

More information can be found in the archive which talks about how this can be used to customize the Chat UI to a great extent.

Hope this helps!



Valery Kuznetsov

Is it possible for agent handling an active chat session forward this session to another agent? Either return this session back to queue or another queue (csq) ?

HI Valery,

Web Chat requeue (to same CSQ or different) is slated for release 11.5 as of now.


snandi, don't you know about the possibility forwarding active chat session to particular agent?


We currently want to implement Chat Requeue in the same way as the Email Requeue which exists as of today which would be at the queue level.

The reasoning behind this is we are unsure if the other agent is ready for chat/email or not. The advantage of the queue here is that let the UCCX take care of the routing to an available agent.

Is there any particular need of transferring to a specific agent? We can understand the need better and evaluate this at our end.

Hope this helps!




I can't see that this question was really answered.  We have UCCX 10.6 with SocialMiner and the agents use Finesse.  Can agents manually transfer chat sessions between agents?


The reason that agents need to transfer chats to other agents is the same behind why they need to do it with Voice. Due to the 25 CSQ limit of the system, we are not able to make specific CSQs for each and very skill, so sometime things get lumped together and the need exists to send a customer to a specific person. 

Do get the Requeue code in to the 11.5 version, perhaps you can remove Chat from the 25 CSQ limit and then it might not be such a problem. 

Also, when we Requeue does it know NOT to go back to the agent that sent it to requeue? 

Valery Kuznetsov

It would be great if Cisco will add the ability:

- rate chat session by client / rating system

- add attachements within chat session


Could you add this to feature roadmap?

Hi Valery,

This would definitely be the feedback that we are looking for.

As of today, we do not have that into the Roadmap, but based on the feedback received, we will add it and prioritize it accordingly.

This will be added into the roadmap for versions beyond 11.5 on SocialMiner.

For the rating of chat session by client, it could be achieved with API's available on the and UI customized to a great extent.

Sample API -

The customer Chat Sample can be enhanced to add a post chat survey to the form.





Is there a roadmap for enhancements to the email capabilities with UCCX/Finesse?  We have struggled in deals with the lack of the ability to create a new email (you can only reply).  It can kill a deal when we have to bring in a third party and raise the cost.



John Irey

Tympani Inc.

Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback. This is very helpful for us in determining what are the features and capability that we provide out of the box for Social Miner.

We will definitely consider this and evaluate the needs for the same. This would align with one another enhancement which we received earlier this year, where customers wanted Exchange global address book lookup from agent. If this is achieved, then the logic would be pretty simple for us to send emails from the agent.

Duly noted, this will be taken care of. We will ensure that this is taken care of in the right channels and added as a feature request into the roadmap.



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